Now I’m Over 34 I’m Officially “Old”

Just past this weekend I completed the 3rd of 4 races I have booked myself into since August. This run was a half-marathon around Victoria Park in East London. And what  lovely park it is. This distance was also the longest distance of the 4 runs, and I achieved my goal of completing in less than 1hr 44minutes. So the knock-on affect of this achievement is that I ran in under 8 minute miles. Out of 400+ i placed 111th, roughly in the top 20% of all that run on the day. So you’d imagine that I’d be very pleased with this, right?


Well, no actually. There’s something a little bittersweet around this achievement. Because I logged onto the site today to check my result, and I noticed something odd about my entry in the results table:




WTF is V35 category? Turns out, because I’m over 34, I am now no longer in the normal runners category. I’m now classed as a “veteran”. Veteran is from the Latin, meaning “old”. This is it. It’s starting. I’m now being classified as “old”. So any running achievement from now on will be in spite of my age….

I’m not going to let it get the best of me though: I’m off to buy a fast car and a pair of jeans.


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