SSISMSBuild Updated

Hello! 3 updates in one week?! It appears that though I took some holiday and didn’t even so much as touch a PC over the Christmas/New Years season, other people were still working hard. SSISMSBuild is a project that has had a long life. In short, you can build ispac projects without needing Visual Studio, however you do need Integration Services installed. Broadly speaking the project is not mine, I’m just hosting it. [Read More]

Alter PowerShell ModuleVersion Number - More Bug Fixes!

Hello! Another day, another bug. This time in a VSTS extension I wrote that would alter the ModuleVersion Number in a psd1 file. Sadly I didn’t test this against psd1 files that have required modules, so the ModuleVersion numbers were updated for those also! This is helpful to precisely no one, so I made a minor change in how the ModuleVersion is found. Link to GitHub Issue. The bug itself is fixed as of 1. [Read More]

salt Release 1.1.2562 - With Bug Fix!

Hello! Very recently a user of salt got in touch with me about a bug when setting the job schedules up - when creating a schedule an owner is created. And only the owner (or sysadmin) can modify the schedule. So if the deployment account is not sysadmin then it needs to be the owner of the schedule. Problem An owner is identified by a SID, which is stored in a varbinary column in SQL Server, so when we set the SID variables in PowerShell they are stored as byte arrays. [Read More]

vstsBuildWatcher Updated

Hello! As is always the case, I was about the furthest away from thinking about computers when I realised that I had made some stupid decision WRT the logic in vstsBuildWatcher. So in between kicking a ball around my living room with The Boy (and causing very little damage in the process) I spent the afternoon uodating the vstsBuildWatcher Module. I’ve pushed the changes out to GitHub and PowerShell Gallery. [Read More]

Deploy Dacpacs With DBATools

Hello! Recently I’ve been working on a PowerShell module called PoshSSDTBuildDeploy that makes use of Microsoft.Data.Tools.MSBuild to build and deploy SSDT-based database projects. And then not long after the fact I started working on functions within the dbatools PowerShell module to deploy dacpacs. In fact here’s the tweet of the announcement - And here is a link to the source code on GitHub. This is all good stuff because I’ve spoken to a number of people who have written, rewritten and re-rewritten the PowerShell to deploy dacpacs numerous times before, and we’ve all agreed that once is enough. [Read More]

Fix Leaky Battery on Ubuntu Touch With This One Weird Trick

Hello! With a spare Nexus 5 knocking about, and somehow too much time on my hands, I decided to flash the phone with Ubuntu Touch. having tweeted said decision I got a response from someone about an annoying bug which will drain your data - Seems to have an annoying bug that makes repeated requests to "". Needs blocking in localhost or you will eat mobile data. It's actually pretty good but needs lots more people to support it. [Read More]

PowerShell Snippet #10 Check Version Number is Valid


Lately I’ve been working on PowerShell Modules that are published to PowerShell Gallery as part of a build process in VSTS. And so I’ve been creating version numbers and passing them as variables. However I wanted to validate them before they were applied. Below is a sample of how to verify that the version number you’re pushing conforms to semver

PowerShell Snippet #8 Build SSDT With MicrosoftDataToolsMSbuild


Below the “how to” script, there are two functions for you; the first will download MicrosoftDataToolsMSBuild. The second will compile an SSDT project/solution using downloaded package. There are no other prerequisites other than MSBuild Tools being downloaded/installed on the box.

PowerShell Snippet #7 Alter PowerShell Module Version

Hello! Wow, day 7 already! And for today’s post, we getting meta. I have a few builds on VSTS that run PSScriptAnalyzer on some PowerShell modules, and also runs some tests. After these steps have run successfully I publish to both NuGet and PowerShell Gallery (yes that’s right, Continuous Development FTW). Packaging via NuGet is simple enough: there’s several out-of-the-box NuGet steps in VSTS, including even a Custom step that allows you to submit version number/prefix. [Read More]

PowerShell Snippet #6 Test DotNet Version Installed

Hello! Continuing on with our daily PowerShell Advent Calendar Extravaganza, this script here will return the current .NET version installed on the machine. You can either choose to add the target .NET version or not. If you add a .NET version number and at least that version isn’t on the machine, the script will throw an error, but will continue to run and return the PSObject, unless you set the “ErrorAction” to “Stop”. [Read More]