Sample Databases For SQL Server

As a blogger, one thing that I appreciate greatly is examples of technical features. This is mainly because

  • technical features can be complicated to explain succinctly
  • I myself learn best by doing, not reading how to do something
  • It proves that I’ve made an effort into understanding how something works
  • It is not unreasonable for the reader, being presented something as fact, need to be given a supporting reference.

Therefore code samples in the form of databases from Microsoft have always been useful.

back in the day there was Northwind. And Contoso. And AdventureWorks. All these databases have proved to be great examples of new features for SQL Server.

AdventureWorks was even hosted on Codeplex. But now that that is shutting down Microsoft now host them on GitHub. This is great because now we do not have to wait months after the release to get samples.

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