vstsBuildwatcher Now Released

It’s funny where ideas come from…

Some days ago, I was reading an article on the BBC about animal references in business where the term “yak shaving” was mentioned. I googled the term as I was not familiar with it and a GitHub repo called yakShaving was one of the results. yakShaving is a build alert tool that can run on the Raspberry Pi. And it got me wondering if I could do something similar.

And partly inspired by Ed Elliott’s PestWatch Module on GitHub I have written a PowerShell Module called vstsBuildWatcher. The basic concept is in the readme, but the gist of it is that it will run in the background and monitor a particular build in a particular VSTS project. If the status is not complete it will write to the Host (hence “Show” – read up on this post from the PowerShell blog for more info).

It’s pretty noddy and probably won’t get too much more attention from me – but as PowerShell is available on the Stretch release of Raspbian, you could run it on a Raspberry Pi! This is what it looks like through vsCode –

As of writing this I have not tested it on a  Raspberry Pi as I spent the evening writing the module and the rest of it waiting for the Pi to upgrade from Jessie to Stretch, so hopefully I’ll remember to test it before this post goes live. It you’re reading this it is unlikely that I haven’t!

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