Pokémon Giveaway 2017 Extravaganza!


One thing I’ve wanted to do but never really got round to doing was sharing out competitive Pokémon via Wonder Trade, as a somewhat altruistic gesture. And so despite being somewhat busy on other projects and things I’ve managed to recreate some of the Pokémon I have used competitively. These Pokémon I fully intend to share out over the next coming days completely at random via Wonder Trade. So those of you opening up new copies of USUM may be lucky enough to get one of these (non-cloned, non-hacked) Pokémon! Am happy to trade to people if they’re reading this from between Christmas Eve up until New Years Eve, when they probably would have all gone. Just Tweet or leave me a comment.

Some of these Pokémon have egg moves, but I’ve forgotten what they are!

It would be remiss if I were not to write up a little bit about each one. I’m not going to dig into stats as they’re all maxxed out in the appropriate areas. Safe to say that they are competitive!



This is a specially attack-minded Aegislash, equipped with Leftovers to help with recovery during Substitute and  King’s Shield turns. Weakness Policy is also an option, as Aegislash has the bulk to withstand a super-effective move and get it’s SpA boosted to frighteningly high levels. Used for the Halloween 2014 competition

I think we also need to acknowledge that the nickname is probably the best in this list.


For my Electric team from way back when in August 2015. Obviously Amphoros should hold mega stone, but for obvious reasons it’s holding a Shuca Berry. Use Protect when Mega-Evolving, and wreck havoc after that.

The obscure nickname is my Boy’s middle name. Yes, really.


Another one intended for Mega Evolving, Banette is a favourite of mine. From the Halloween 2014 competition. With below-average stats, except for it’s Attack, Trick Room is a wildcard move here so that Knock Off hits first.


Chandelure is a beast! Back again from Halloween 2014, Chandelure is slow enough to benefit from using Trick Room. Calm Mind boost the special stats, and STAB moves do the rest. I think Speed IV is not 0, but it is really low, like 4 or something. Infiltrator is an ability that doesn’t get much use sadly, I’d rather they change this.


I’ve written about Drapion before and so I’ll be brief: excellent typing, good stats, great movepool, just not quite strong enough or fast enough to benefit from all those things. Ability could be better, but Black Sludge is an excellent Item to hold. If only they’d add just 10 points to Attack, Defense and Speed each, it would be a great Pokémon!


From the Johto Competition back in May 2016. Gligar benefits from Eviolite plus bulky defense, plus a good defensive typing. I remember a 3 DD Tyranitar using Crunch against Gligar, and I was shocked by how little damage Gligar took:

+3 252 Atk Tyranitar Crunch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Eviolite Gligar: 82-97 (47.6 – 56.3%) — 84.8% chance to 2HKO

Beast! Such a fan of Gligar, and it’s evolution…


OK, I remember being so frustrated playing against this set I decided to get one myself.  The ultimate in stalling. I like to use both Gliscor and Aegislash in the same team as it drives people nuts. Poison Heal and Toxic Orb are a perfect pairing.  Somehow it’s got the Pokévirus.


Froakie was my starter in Pokémon X, and this one is actually bred from that I was fortunate enough to start of with a Timid female Froakie (and no I didn’t reset until I got one!)

Protean + Life Orb + Good Movepool = Greninja. The thing about Greninja is you sort of know what you’re going to have to face, but not really until all 4 moves are exposed. Greninja nearly always goes first thanks to it’s speed stat, making it a difficult Pokémon to counter.


Now I do know that Heracross has Egg Moves, but I do not remember which ones. At any rate, this set is for Mega Heracross, and the Egg Moves are for Choice Scarf Heracross set. So up to you how you use Heracross.


I heart Mamoswine. Whilst it’s typing is defensively a bit iffy, Thick Fat helps negates that. Plus it’s a great offensive typing, and has the STAB moves to make the most of it. I think Other Ice moves are egg moves. I honestly don’t remember which ones though. Super Power and Rock Slide are great coverage moves. The only downside is that a Choice Item is required to make the most of Mamowine. So momentum can easily be lost if a Pokémon that resists Mamoswine’s last used move is switched in. Still, a favourite of mine.


Another one intended for Mega Evolving. I remember it took me time to get Quick Attack on Pinsir, but it’s worth it: the Aerilate Ability on Mega Pinsir, combined with Swords Dance can make Mega Pinsir a major threat.


Hands down, one of my favourite Pokémon. Bred in Pokémon X, and used in story mode of Omega Ruby. Some way or another, it has contracted the Pokévirus.


I wish they’d release another evolution for Scrafty, because then it can use Eviolite. With those defense stats it would be a far better Pokémon than it currently is. Assault Vest boosts the SpDefense, but this is offset by only being able to use Attacking Moves. Power Up Punch help boost attacking stats, Knock Off benefits from STAB.


Never used Scizor very much, not sure why. I think maybe because I prefer Greninja as a Life Orb user. Obviously Mega Scizor is also a choice here, but again I preferred other Mega Pokémon.


This bad boy (girl, sorry) took an age to breed. IIRC Speed stat is very close to 0, making Tyranitar a good choice for a Trick Room team. Could be used for Mega Evolving, but Sand Stream plus Assault Vest complement each other very well. Pursuit for trapping, STAB moves in Payback and Rock Slide, and Earthquake for coverage. Worthy of the pseudo-legendary tag.

Sum Up

So there you go, 6 copies of 15 different Pokémon to give away over the Christmas period. If you don’t catch em all, hope you get to catch one of these!

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