Part 2 focuses on clearing out the SSISDB by creating new stored proc based on the one used by the maintenance job. If your Maintenance Job is taking hours to run, you need to check this out.)

No WiX Wednesday this week, owing to commitments in real life. Instead, here is something regarding SSIS 2012 Deployment. Enjoy!

As part of our CI and Test Builds we have automated the deployment of two SSIS Projects. One is fairly large and the other one contains only two dtsx packages. Recently we have been getting timeout issues with the deployment of the solutions.


brentozar.com ran one of their Technology Triage Tuesdays on Compression in SQL Server. The video does not appear to be up yet, however it provided good insight, certainly better than the Technet pages on the same subject. As we have a multi-terabyte data warehouse at work, which is on an Enterprise licensed instance of SQL Server 2012, I’m familiar with the subject of data compression in SQL. Until recently however, another one of our other SQL Servers was on a Standard license. Recently this instance was upgraded to Enterprise, and so I was able to compress the database. Although not as large as our data warehouse, it was well worth considering compressing some of the larger tables.