Hello folks, I hope you all had a relaxing holiday break.

Welcome to a quick blog on SSAS optimisation. There’s a few quick wins that you can do w/r/t SSAS that can optimise the instance. One of these has to do with a feature called the FlightRecorder log. This log is by default set to ON, but really, unless you are trying to diagnose an issue, it doesn’t really provide any benefit to just having it switched on writing to the log location, particularly if the log location is on the same drive as the data location. To optimize your server, it’s safe to turn the FlightRecorder off and it is simple enough to turn back on and start collecting data again.

To switch this off via the UI, right click the server instance and select “properties”, select the “General” tab on the left hand side, then select the “Show Advanced (All) Properties” one of the options you will see is “Log\FlightRecorder\Enabled” option. By default this is set to true, but by changing it to false, you turn off the Flight Recorder. Changing this does not require you to restart the service, so it’s safe to do at anytime.

That’s it for now, hope you find this useful!