Microsoft have released SQL Server Data Tools for Analysis Services, Integration Services and Reporting Services projects with Visual Studio 2012. Finally, it looks like the BIDS suite is going to be usable with the most up-to-date version of Visual Studio; after we upgraded to SQL Server 2012, for about 3 months last year we were able to use Visual Studio 2010 as our sole IDE, before the update to Visual Studio 2012 rolled out at our office. This release has been very swift, and most welcoming, particularly when it comes to putting software on new Build servers. apparently it is part of the SQL commitment to deliver BIDS integration with the most up-to-date version of Visual Studio. It can be downloaded directly from Microsoft now:

If you don’t already have VS 2012 installed it will install the IDE for you. One of the real big wins is that there is no upgrade/downgrade if you have created a project in VS 2010 and want to open it in VS 2012, and vice versa!

There’s some useful installing info on this blog here: