Late night maintenance on databases also means I get to write a blog post during the downtime. Tonight’s blog post is more PowerShell/SSAS: following on from calculating the size of dimensions and Finding Unprocessed Objects, here’s a PowerShell script that will process all the databases on a given instance that match the current process state you input: If you’ve deployed all the databases to an instance, entering Unprocessed for $CurrentProcessState and ProcessFull for $TypeOfProcess will process all the objects. This is great for overnight batching of processing. I’ve also used this script to apply changes and then run a ProcessDefault on a database that is PartiallyProcessed and it seems to have worked well.

[string] $ssasInstance,
[string] $CurrentProcessState,
[string] $TypeOfProcess)

$server = New-Object Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Server
$database|select-object name
foreach ($db in $database)
if ($db.state -eq $CurrentProcessState)
write-host "---------------------------------------------"
Write-host "Processing Client: $db " -foregroundcolor darkgreen -backgroundcolor white
write-host "Processing took " ($date2-$date1).Hours " Hours, " ($date2-$date1).Minutes " Mins, " ($date2-$date1).Seconds " Secs " -foregroundcolor darkgreen -backgroundcolor white
$dbwriteout = $db|select name,state,lastprocessed
write-host $dbwriteout -foregroundcolor darkgreen -backgroundcolor white
write-host "No Processing required for database $db" -foregroundcolor yellow -backgroundcolor darkcyan

I’m actually running this as I type; automation is a great way to give me more time to

  1. automate other things
  2. write blog posts
  3. read the internet
Once you have saved this to a .ps1 file you open up a PowerShell console and drag and drop the file there (or copy as path, whichever way you like) and press enter. It’ll ask you for the ssasInstance, the CurrentProcessType of your database and which Processing option you want, hit enter and off it goes.