Attaching this JBOD to a DAS, which in turn is connected to a SQL Cluster required a restart of both servers in the cluster. When the servers came back up all the clustered services and dependencies were up and running, except for one SSAS Instance. This SSAS Instance ran on the “passive” node; that is, we have a primary node with a Clustered Role of SQLDB and SSAS. We utilize the other node by having another Cluster Role of just SSAS running (Should one of the instances failover the servers have the capacity for one node to run both instances without to much performance degradation until we get the other node working again. It’s a great way to reduce redundancy).

I failed the SSAS Instance over between nodes and still the error occurred. I checked the event viewer and the log of the instance and it read

I’d love to find the culprit, but probably never will. The important thing was that I could get the instance running.