(Worth noting that there is a more recent version available here!)

Hi all, yesterday morning I created a project based on an old blog post Upgrade Analysis Services Activity Viewer 2008 to SQL Server 2012. Over the course of the day I made a few changes that I wanted to see myself and this afternoon I have released a beta version, SQL Server Analysis Services Activity Viewer 2012, or SSASAV 2012 for short.

Feedback here or on the Codeplex site is very much appreciated.

There is a stable version, SSASAV 2012 1.0

SSASAV 2012 is Looking for Volunteeers

I’ve got a few more ideas to add to the project, but if you have any ideas, or want to be a developer on the project, let me know and I’ll gladly consider adding you. I’m not looking for l33t devs here; anyone who has a few ideas and isn’t afraid to do a bit of Googling/Binging/Yahooing to get it done is more than welcome to contribute. Latest source code can be downloaded from: