This morning I am happy to announce the release of a stable version of SSAS Activity Viewer 2012. The build number is The new features have been highlighted below in the release notes section.

SSASAV 2012 RoadMap

No, i don’t really have a roadmap, I’ve just got a few ideas jotted down in a notebook for features I plan to add sometime. I’ve got three weeks of over December, so I’m pencilling in a new release for January 2013. For the next release I intend to make 2 additions:

1. Add Blocked Queries Panel- Essentially what SSASAV 2012 does is connect to the instance of SSAS provided and runs a bunch of DMV’s and returns the data in a grid. Not all of the DMV’s are returned, and it is my plan for the next release to add a panel which runs the DMV to show all blocked queries.

2. Formatting the Data Returned- When the data is returned from the DMV query, the data is presented in its raw format. Formatting it is a manual task for each column returned. As it makes it easier to read I am going to format as many of the columns I can into something legible for end users.

SSASAV 2012 is Looking for Volunteeers

I’ve got a few more ideas to add to the project, but if you have any ideas, or want to be a developer on the project, let me know and I’ll gladly consider adding you. I’m not looking for l33t devs here; anyone who has a few ideas and isn’t afraid to do a bit of Googling/Binging/Yahooing to get it done is more than welcome to contribute. Latest source code (including all features in the current release) can be downloaded from this link here.

Release Notes

  • Formatted KB and TIME based cells for ease of reading.
  • Ability to copy/save query as hard to read long queries in cells.
  • Tidied up UI and added cleaner icon
New features since Beta:
  • Shared changes for Dormant and Current Query Panel:
    • added right click … save to current and dormant queries to save command as ssas query type file or option to save as any file
  • Dormant Panel Changes
    • increased DORMANT_QUERY_SESSIONS returned from 10 up to 25
    • formatted SESSION_IDLE_TIME_MS column in dormant panel to HH:MM:SS:MS
    • formatted SESSION_USED_MEMORY to KB
  • Current Queries Panel Changes
    • formatted COMMAND_READ and COMMAND_WRITE to KB
    • formatted ELAPSED_TIME and COMMAND_CPU_TIME_MS time to HH:MM:SS:MS
  • CPU Panel Changes
  • IO Panel Changes
Features from Beta included in release:
  • Straightened up the UI
  • Current queries list refreshed after query is cancelled; sometimes it takes longer for the query to cancel than the refresh to occur, so will sometimes stay on UI. Will fix in update.
  • Right click the COMMAND TEXT cell allows you to copy the COMMAND TEXT to clipboard, so that you can copy and paste command to text documents or xmla /mdx windows to execute as reading long list can be awkward
  • Added SESSION_LAST_COMMAND from $system.DISCOVER_SESSIONS DMV to Dormant Query Panel
  • Added Copy SESSION_LAST_COMMAND to Dormant Query Panel
  • Disabled Cancel/Refresh buttons on Dormant Query Panel and Current Query Panel when user has clicked refresh.
  • Updated icon
Feedback here or on the Codeplex site is very much appreciated.