Throughout November, SQL Relay R2 2013 is taking place in the UK. This is the 2nd series of events this year. SQL Relay is a series of 1 day events that are run throughout the UK. Each event is a single track (or more in the case of London) conference, with between 50 and 200 attendees and 6-8 hour long talks by SQL Server professionals, MVPs, authors, technical experts etc.

Thanks to the sponsors, this event is free to attend. And attending I shall be, as I will be going to both the Southampton and London events. Links and further info are available below.

If you do plan on going, but first you need clearance from your boss, do not let the fact that it is free be the first thing you say as a reason for going. It may be free for everyone, but a day out of the office costs all the same. I’m going to the Southampton one as there’s talk about partitioning, something I’ve had experience with, but I have a few questions. Plus I’d love to gauge my knowledge by attending a talk from an expert. So sure, use the fact it’s free as a bargaining chip. But look at the talks and find ones that really pique your interest and tell your boss about why you want to go.


Wells Place Centre Wells Place Eastleigh Hampshire SO50 5LJ

Eastleigh is on the same railway line as Southampton Central, so you can catch a train from London Waterloo and be there in a little over an hour. Other The services from Waterloo terminate at Portsmouth Harbour via Hedge End or Poole via Bournemouth. The other route that stops at Eastliegh is the Salisbury to Romsey “Figure 6” stopping line. The walk from Eastleigh Train Station to the Event location, Wells Centre, is a little over 5 minutes.



Cardinal Place 80-100 Victoria Street London SW1E 5JL

Currently the roads in this part of London are being dug up (no doubt for some arbitrary reason) so the route below is probably not going to be the one you take.

Obviously the Underground or National Rail are the best ways to get to the office.

wilton-rd-to-london-sw1e-5jl-uk-google-maps-mozilla-firefox_2013-11-02_14-24-55_png As far as local landmarks go, Westminster Cathedral is not far away from the Microsoft Offices.

I’ve been a few times (to the offices, not the cathedral!) and they are fantastic. There’s even a very old Microsoft Surface table in one of the rooms.

Hope to see you there!