Here’s a roundup of 6 links and updates from the past month I recommend as good reading. I decided that I needed to post a list of Blogs posts, technology info and other random-but-related stuff. So I decided to limit myself to a monthly post of sharing no more than 6 articles across the web.

Guardian Style Guide helps you write proper.

Run Multiline cmds in MSBuild.

Use the Test-Path Cmdlet to Check for Resources delves deeper into using test-path for more than just testing paths.

PSExec executes a command-line processes on a remote machine. THis post looks a little deeper into how to use it. I use it a lot in one of my builds.

“Just what is PLE?” A bit out dated w/r/t the 300 seconds life expectancy, but a quick intro to the PLE counter.

A look at the wider range of counters for SQL.