Happy New Year! I started the blog as a new-years-resolution-but-not-really-because-I-don’t-make-new-years-resolutions late last year, and with that in mind I’m posting my new-years-resolution-but-not-really-because-I-don’t-make-new-years-resolutions. These are as much related to work as well as my blog as well as some personal posts:

  1. write better check-in comments; I’m terrible at writing check in comments. Truly it is embarrassing to see some of them. Some of the low-lights are “minor change”, “speed up build”,“build updates”…. really not good. So I’m writing better check in comments.
  2. Keep on Posting: In my first year of blogging, I posted over 100 times, roughly twice a week, so how can “keep on posting” be a resolution? Well I see it as the proverbial Difficult Second Album Syndrome; that is, not that I see my blog as a breakthrough in blogging with readers eagerly anticipating my next post, but rather that I had plenty of ideas when I started this blog, and 100+ posts in, it’s important to keep up the momentum of posting. My blog posts are based on ideas and experiences and, yes, even mistakes, so long as I push myself to make many of these I’ll keep the posting up!
  3. Read Infinite Jest: I’ve been wanting to read this book for nearly two years. I made a good start on it, but made the mistake of reading it on holiday. It’s not a holiday sort of book. It’s a challenging read that has me grateful for the built-in dictionary in the Kindle. It punishes you if you don’t give it it’s full attention. I have to Google some of the concepts to keep up, like say for example the concept of a cardioid and how it is similar to the lemniscate, the symbol for infinity…. but it sure is rewarding.
  4. Pass some exams: I’ve got one exam booked up this Thursday, but really I need to go and sign up for some more. Since graduating from university, I’ve always been a bit weary of taking too many exams, as most qualifications provide little guarantee of whether you’re actually capable of doing a job. w/r/t professional qualifications, they show a desire to put in the effort to get accredited. And for me that says more about attitude than competency.
  5. Make a King Cake: I’ve been obsessing about King Cake since I first ate it last year at Mardi Gras. Shockingly I am unable to buy one in the UK, so I’m going to have to turn my culinary skills to making a King Cake. I’m not too shabby at cooking; I have made macaroons from scratch, and am a dab hand at making a roux, so with a bit of practice and a lot of mistakes I’m sure I’ll make a passable King Cake made by March 4th.
Here’s to a frank and productive new year!