Here’s a roundup of 6 links and updates from the past month I recommend as good reading. I decided that I needed to post a list of Blogs posts, technology info and other random-but-related stuff. So I decided to limit myself to a monthly post of sharing no more than 6 articles across the web.

I’m massively busy getting to grips with Clustered Columnstore indexes, as well as day to day tasks, raising a family, studying for exams etc. And like I don;t have enough on, we’re moving house.

But at any rate, all the links below relate directly to columnstore indexes. Even if you’re not planning on using them, these links will help you understand them.

Teched 2013 video on Columnstore

Columnstore Indexes at 2013

Microsoft Research/SIGMOD paper of Columnstore

Columnstore Gotchas (please read the comments on this one because the gotchas have gotchas

What is the Tuple Mover doing?

A 27 part special on Clustered Columnstores