Apologies for lack of truly original content lately, moving house + work + family are taking up all my spare time. Here’s some updates from around the web.

Nasty Bug in SQL Server 2012 SP1

Ok, this is SQL Server 2012 SP1, not 2014, but it’s worth drawing attention to. There is a bug in SLQ Server 2012 SP1 that can lead to data loss when running an online index rebuild whilst concurrent data modifications are happening.

Columnstore Articles

Joe Chang talks us through the latest TPC-H Benchmarks with Columnstore. Interesting to note that it is implied that partitioning is recommended when using Clustered Columnstore Indexes.

2 part Case Study on Clustered Columnstore Indexes with Jimmy May

Part One

Part Two

24 Hours of PASS

24 Hours of PASS is back, and there’s plenty of talks on Clustered Columnstore Indexes to view. Sign up now. (Note signing up now does not give you a place. The number of attendees is capped at 1,000 per session).

24 Hours of PASS

Of course if that is too long to wait then there is some training taking place tonight at 8PM, courtesy of Dell entitled A Comedy of Errors.

Managing SQL with SCOM

Those of you in London might be interested to attend this event at Greater London House (the ASOS offices), a very imposing art-deco building in Mornington Crescent, on June 26, 2014 (12:00 GMT). If the architecture does not pique your interest then perhaps the talk on SCOM and SQL Server might do.

The following is directly taken from the event page:

Have DBA’s ever heard of System Center Operations Manager, did you consider the power of System Center Operations Manager to manage your SQL estates?

Let’s start the first step into Monitoring of SQL Server with SCOM (System Center Operations Manager), in this session you will learn the potential behind SCOM to give you a single glass monitoring solution.

Key subject learned from this session;