As part of their Incremental Service Modelling, no sooner have they released SQL 2014 RTM, Microsoft have now released SQL Server 2014 Cumulative Update #2.

This update contains hotfixes for issues that were fixed after the release of SQL Server 2014. To apply this cumulative update package, you must be running SQL Server 2014. The previous CU 1 ran the build number 12.0.2342.0.

The build number of the cumulative update package is 12.0.2370.0 . You may have to restart the computer after you apply this cumulative update package.

This CU contains 48 fixes. Highlights for Clustered Columnstore Indexes include:

2931815 - FIX: Loads or queries on CCI tables block one another in SQL Server 2014; this occurs on tables with distributed partitioned views, so doesn’t apply to all CCI tables.

2969419 - FIX: Truncated CCI partitioned table runs for a long time in SQL Server 2014

2969421 - FIX: Poor performance when you bulk insert into partitioned CCI in SQL Server 2014; though if you follow adopt the approach set out in my SQL Server 2014 Clustered Columnstore Indexes and Partitioning guide then you won’t have this issue.

2974397 - FIX: Error when you drop a clustered columnstore index table during recovery in SQL Server 2014

Still no fix on the snapshot issue.