I was catching up on some blogs yesterday, and one I really liked was this post on Spaghetti DBA. The authors main complaint was that he had grown disillusioned with Connect and the way in which so many issues are dealt with (ie, closed as “Won’t” Fix”). All the author wanted was better feedback from the engineers when responding to issues. I’m adding my voice to this request because in the past year I have raised a couple of issues myself, only to be disappointed with the feedback:

  1. I posted about issue on Connect that was raised by a colleague of mine. It was related to Clustered Columnstore Indexes, and even a full set of reproducible scripts were provided with the issue. At the same time, we raised a call with Microsoft about the same thing, and since then the call has gone from being raised to being confirmed as a bug to having the fix anticipated in Cumulative Update 6 for SQL Server 2014, which is to be released in February. All very good. But meanwhile, the Connect issue has remained as active, and as far as I can tell, no engineer has even looked into the Connect issue. This echoes the sentiment raised in the blog referenced that the difference here is purely financial: if it is documented behaviour then the CSS call will cost you money, whilst anyone anywhere can raise an issue of any level of detail on Connect without repercussions (other than damage Connects reputation.)
  2. Before that, I posted about Microsoft’s Lousy Response to a Connect Issue. Long story short: I up voted an open issue because I got bit by the same bug when I was upgrading to SQL Server 2014. Essentially you can upgrade to SQL Server 2014 whilst a snapshot is running, however you cannot drop the snapshot, or even expect the snapshot to work post update. The issue was left as active, yet an engineer reported this behaviour as “by design”, which annoyed me greatly as there was no warning, nor anything documented anywhere in BoL or Upgrade Advisor, yet was able to continue the update. But there does not appear to be any further opportunity for dialogue, which means I may have to open another call with Microsoft about an issue I have already alerted them to. I’m pretty sure that it would be regarded as an oversight and fixed, even if st fairly low priority.
So Microsoft, please improve the feedback provided on Connect. When raising or up-voting issues on Connect, I like to think that I contribute positively to the product, and it has frustrated me that two issues I’ve been affected by have been ignored on Connect.