Last week I presented for the first time at a SQL User Group (SQL Supper.) There was a lot of content, and plenty of demos, and a few people came up to me afterwards and asked for the scripts. In case you were too shy to ask, or just want a simple database that uses partitioning and Clustered Columnstore Indexes, the scripts attached will provide you with such a thing.


The “00_final_create_dataload_and_populate” script will take some time to run. It basically creates a db that the later demos load data from. The “00_Reset_Partition_CCI_DB” clears all the objects out of the database that is created in the “03_final_create_partition_cci_db”. You will want to uncomment the T-SQL and run it in the “03_final_create_partition_cci_db”, and then from here on in you can just run the “00_Reset_Partition_CCI_DB” to get the database to a working order.