When trying to diagnose what is causing a build to fail, there is no more a vital resource than the build logs. So you can imagine my frustration recently in working on a TFS build agent that was running a failing build that was not producing log files at the end of the build. So now I had two problems, fix the build and get the builds producing log files.

Clearly it wasn’t a permissions issue, as the build was running fine, compiling all the solutions and producing artifacts . The build account was part of the “Project Collection Build Administrators” TFS Group, so I was confident that the account would inherit everything it needed to run a build from this account, right?


Well no actually. Look at the member of tab for Build Administrators:


It’s not a member of the build service accounts. In fact, no one was; noperms_png" rel="attachment wp-att-4045

So I added the build account to the build service group and ran a build, and hey presto! Log files! And the problem of my failing build? A missing closing ‘)’ in the PowerShell file.