Microsoft’s announcements during the Keynote yesterday was like waiting for buses: you wait for one, then 17 appear all at once! In case you don’t have 2 12 hours spare to watch yesterdays Keynote, I made some notes:

  • Microsoft’s development ideology is : any developer, any app, any platform.
  • GitHub is growing; last year there were 5,000 new projects per day, now it’s 10,000
  • Contributors are also growing: last year 1,000 per day, now it is 2,000 per day.
  • If you want proof that Microsoft is fully embracing the Open Source community, they are the top contributing company on GitHub. More than Google, Facebook, Docker….
  • Microsoft is an official platinum partner of the Linux Foundation.
  • Microsoft have been contributing to the Open Source community:
    • 2008 Microsoft contributed to Hadoop
    • 2009 contributed to Linux kernel
    • Azure support Redhat/Ubuntu OS
    • VSCode/.NET Core now open source. 18,000 contributors to .NET Core, most not MS.
  • In short, mobile development with Xamarin looks very exciting.
  • Visual Studio Mobile Center leverages VSTS to build mobile apps.
  • Also runs tests on real-live mobile devices.
The list goes on and on. It was truly a day of big announcements from Microsoft.