Today the pre-cons for SQL Bits 2017 were made public, and what a diverse list there is. Increasing from 24 last year to 32, there’s of sessions to choose from on the Training Days. Naturally I will be there for the full week.

If you’ve never been, and you live in the UK, or even Europe, be sure not to miss out. The cost is very reasonably, there is a party on the Friday night, and the Saturday is free to attend. Like my father-in-law says “free is my favourite number!”

There’s also a good post from Brent Ozar back from 2014, when coincides nicely with the last time it was in Telford, about why SQL Bits is his favourite conference.

There is an FAQ for any further queries. I know that Telford has proved to be a controversial choice because it’s not anywhere special. And when you consider the previous two have been in London and Liverpool, that feeling of being underwhelmed is expected. However, I have it on good authority that the conference centre were very hospitable, which was a deciding factor for organisers who, people seem to forget, are volunteers.