Sitting here waiting for a Runbook in Azure to run whilst waiting for a deployment to run in Octopus. So might as well go meta and post some thoughts.

Brand BZZZT!

First, a bit of a re-brand, including even my Twitter handle which was never great. Brand BZZZT! The inspiration of the name is after a soft toy of my kids.

See You @ SQLBits

Second, I’ve bagged myself the full access to SQLBits. And I’m very much looking forward to going. Whilst the location of the venue is nowhere near as exciting as last years, the conference itself is gearing up to be one of the best in recent years.

Octopus API Posts

I’ll continue to add posts to the Octopus API series. I’ve broken one of my rules of blogging in that I did not have batch of posts. On a previous blog, I wrote about the trap of the series articles. I’ve copied the pertinent section below:
“One of the first ideas I had for this blog was to write about deploying to databases using SSDT and DACPACs. I decided that the subject was too big to be dealt with in one article, so I decided to serialise the process. It was a good idea, but I made a poor choice in writing the first post and publishing it without writing more of the series first. And every time I sat down to write a blog I felt that I had to continue the series. And because I hadn’t properly planned the series I wasn’t sure how many posts it would take. And then I started to lose interest. So in the end it eventually got abandoned because of poor planning. When I had the idea to write the WiX Wednesday series, I knew I had 4 or 5 subjects I wanted to talk about. So I wrote most of them weeks before the intended publish date, then I wrote the introduction and published it knowing that I had the content to back it up. Not only did it take the pressure off writing articles, I had time to finish off the series whilst the other articles were being published, and I could write other posts without feeling obliged to complete the WiX Wednesday series.”

So yes, not really sure what the direction of the series is going to be, or how long it’ll be. The fact that I’m starting to look into Octopus.Client, which seems to have some good functionality baked into it, means I might change the direction the posts are heading. I might just reboot the whole darn thing.

Project Goals

I have a modest presence on GitHub but I’ve been looking at the Veekun Pokedex database. And being something of a Microsoft guy, I’ve been thinking of porting the database over to SQL Server, and making an SSDT project out of it. It’ll probably take quite a bit of effort, but one that will be fun (for a given value of fun)  to work out.  It’ll probably be quite a good demo database, and one that will evolve slowly over the years.

Right, deploy is green and Runbook is all done, time to log off!