The titles is only half serious, but recently someone told me about Pi-hole, an ad blocker that runs on Raspberry PI. This meant that I am able to change my DNS Server settings on each of my devices that use my home network, and now all ads are blocked. Neat!

So  I installed Raspbian Jessie Lite on a Pi I had spare from when it was running XBMC/Kodi/whatever it is called now, set up SSH and plugged it into a switch that runs off my Router. It really is just a one line install on your Raspberry Pi to get the service up and running: it even sets up the web server for you to view the admin console, and also sets a static IP address for your Raspberry Pi.

Honestly, I’ve never been so impressed in a piece of software that is free, does exactly what it claims to do, and has caused 0% hassle. Come pay day they’re getting a donation!

I’ll probably do a bit more reporting on Pi-hole: get some load times for websites with and without Pi-hole running. But I’ve done a bit of this already…

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In the interests of full disclosure, no one has asked me to endorse Pi-hole: I’m genuinely impressed by how well it works and would recommend it to anyone.