Today I’ve finally got around to altering PoshSSDTBuildDeploy to generate the deployment scripts/report. These can be generated with or without Publishing the changes. Run-Test file has examples of how this works.

It is however, a breaking change, hence the update to version 2. This is because I moved from using the Deploy method to the Publish method.  You can read about this method on the SSDT Blog Post.  This method was introduced way back in October 2016. You can see this change in the history of the PublishDatabaseDeployment file.

This also means that we can only go back so far as the october 2016 release of the NuGet package, but this should not be a major issue.

As ever, consult the readme for more info. I’m pretty much done with this module right now, unless any major changes appear in the DataTools.MSBuild NuGet package, or any bugs are found in PoshSSDTBuildDeploy.