3 updates in one week?! It appears that though I took some holiday and didn’t even so much as touch a PC over the Christmas/New Years season, other people were still working hard.

SSISMSBuild is a project that has had a long life. In short, you can build ispac projects without needing Visual Studio, however you do need Integration Services installed.

Broadly speaking the project is not mine, I’m just hosting it. However I have made a few changes to it, and recently 3 pull requests were accepted into the master branch. And seeing as there was no proper release, I not only included the release in a dll on the GitHub release page I also went ahead and made NuGet package of the dll.

One of the pull requests was changing the csproj file wrt locations of dlls. This was based off a RedGate article that recommends that you download the source code and compile the dll yourself. So if the NuGet or the GitHub release dll don’t work for you, download the source code and go through that article. It even includes a “how to use”, which I’ve also done.

The dll also has a method to deploy the ispacs, however there are other ways to do this, including AssistDeploy. There is more info available about AssistDeploy, including a sample project. Plus it’s open source and free, so check it out on GitHub!