I’m currently working on a project that requires building and deploying SSDT-based projects. So it’s been a great opportunity of making use of PoshSSDTBuildDeploy and work through any issues. And there have been a few minor updates to the module over the past fortnight which I’ll go through now! As I type the latest version is 2.196.0.

Return Path of MSBuildDataTools - Just so much easier to have location returned so that when you execute Invoke-MSBuildSSDT and Publish-DatabaseDeployment you can just pass the outputted variable in.

Wildcard Search for MSBuild - If you’re using a box that has Visual Studio 2017 on it, then it can check those folders (ie Enterprise, Community folders will include MSBuild) instead of having it install Visual Studio 2017 Build Tools.

Add Missing Check For Windows 2016 - The DWORD value for .NET 4.7.1 is slightly differenet on Windows 2016. So now this has been corrected.

Install .NET - A useful one here - I always set a check for which version of .NET is installed, and now there’s a function to download and install .NET. It works for the latest version of .NET. This here gist will give you the… ummm… “gist”… of how this is intended to work.

I think the next thing on my list of “stuff to do” would be to write some help as the readme is not enough.

Make “Install-NuGet” Public - There’s a function that can download the NuGet executable from the web that’s used in a couple of other functions. I needed to access the function outside of PoshSSDTBuildDeploy, and so it made sense to make it public rather than re-write the same functionality all over again.