Some weeks ago I got the tests working on the CI build for PoshSSDTBuildDeploy. The tests were a bit of a mish mash, however they sort of did the trick.

Thankfully Eugene Niemand came along and very kindly offered to update the tests into Pester tests, and also just generallytidy up the mess. It’s always great to have a second pair of eyes on any code, as it helps it from not being quite so auteured…

So now the tetss are Pester tests. They still only cover the main function, but now they’re Pester it’s a lot easier to run.

Latest version is now on PowerShellGallery. PoshSSDTBuildDeploy

Certainly going forward I want to change it all from Write-Host to Write-Verbose, and to make sqlcmdparameteroverride as optional, like they are with ARM Templates.