Having already randomly mused this month, here’s some more!

Salt Gets An Update

Salt has had little changes applied lately, owing to the fact that it’s as I done as I need it to be right now, but recently Felix Möller very helpfully opened a few issues that got me to look at it again. The issues were mainly around the Get-SqlAgentAsXml function, which allows users to export a SQL Agent job to the xml format required by salt. All very reasonable changes and happily changed.

It also forced me to rebuild the build agent, which was good as it showed me that there is an issue with salt right now; basically we can set a job step to run as a proxy, but salt does not create the proxy. This is mainly because I like the idea of salt not requiring to be executed by an account that requires sysadmin permissions. Add creating proxies and credentials and that changes. So I need to go fix salt, and also I need to go create a PowerShell Module which creates credentials and proxies. So I hacked something together this morning which will do what is required.

AssistDeploy Gets Licenced

Both AssistDeploy and salt are now licences under MIT. Someone asked me to do it so that they could use it for their company and I am happy to oblige!