A quick note on a few things -

Azure Data Studio

Last post I mused on the fact that VSTS is now Azure DevOps. I also largely ignored Ignite. Funnily enough it turned out that Azure Data Studio was released, an update on Ops Studio. Bare in mind you can connect to on-prem SQL instances still…

Hacktoberfest 2018 is Live

hacktoberfest 2018 is now finishing up, so you can now go and get a free t-shirt if you want that sort of thing. The catch is you have to create 5 pull requests in the month of October. It’s only 2 days in yet I’ve managed complete the challenge (I love a free t-shirt); checking in a few fixes to my own repos plus contributing to documentation and azure templates repos. If I’m lucky enough to get a t-shirt and some stickers maybe I’ll post pictures.

PoshSSDTBuildDeploy is Updated… Again

The importance of writing tests…. come to find out my last fix actually created a new bug. So someone checked in a fix and I retrospectively wrote a test that is run on the build. So all good.

But more importantly some ascii art of the Pokémon Aegislash has been added whenever you import the module. This is in celebration of having worked on this thing for a year. It may disappear one day?