Another year draws to a close; 6 years blogging and counting… but forget looking too far dwelling on the past, what has happened recently???

PoshSSDTBuildDeploy Changes

Of course the PowerShell module which has taken most of my time has had more updates. I’ve added some documentation to both the readme and a couple of the functions that end users will use most frequently. But I’ve also added a switch to Publish-DatabaseDeployment to stop the deployment summary being generated. This is because this can fail where there are many warnings created. More info, and related posts, can be found here. I will, eventually, get around to debugging this, but a switch to disable is the most pragmatic way to deal with this.

But it’s not all bugs and whatnot: I read great post by Gavin Campbell on using the built-in filtering in DacFX. So I took his script and pretty much copied that into a new function called Publish-FilterDatabaseDeployment. I’ve added some tests around it and they’re included in the builds.

In addition to this, the project that builds the databases on VSTS are now public, so anyone can go in and see what the build/deployment process is.

A New VSTS Plugin

I’ve been wanting to work on some smaller projects recently; a VSTS plugin being the main target. And as of last week I have made this plugin a public preview. You can tell because it says it’s in public preview, but also that the version number starts with 0, and semver is something I take seriously.

Actually, to sidebar little bit: one thing I have learnt the value of is managing expectations, mainly via SemVer. Look at dbatools: it’s an amazing tool used by so many people, and yet has still yet to hit version 1. The key point here is that if you take the concept of semver seriously, and you really should, then you should know that your expectations should be met by what version a project is at.

Anyway, back to the plugin. It basically publishes a PowerShell Module to PowerShellGallery. And it also updates the version number as well. There is something similar already but I have a had issues running that on build agents that aren’t the hosted ones.

6 Years And Counting

As I’ve said, I’ve been writing on this here blog for 6 years now. Amazing! Here’s to another 1.