Hello! And Happy New Year!

Another year finishes, and no sooner than that, another one starts! Amazing!

PoshSSDTBuildDeploy Changes

Appropriately I start this year the way I finished last year: once again the Publish-DatabaseDeployment function gets a small but useful change. I’ve been deploying a database to a cheap VM using Standard HDD in Azure, and the deploy times out on post-deploy scripts. I think it only happens on the initial deploy as I’m not setting the size of the data/log files (tsk). However there is a CommandTimeout deploy option. So now you can set commandTimeoutInSeconds and the command timeout will be altered appropriately. The default is 60 seconds BTW.

SQLBits 2019

I’ve been chosen to speak at SQLBits. my talk is going to be about reliable CI/CD pipelines. I’ve been attending in some capacity for the past 7 years, so to finally speak means that I’ve done a little bit of everything there now. It’s a great event, this year held in Manchester at the end of February. Exciting stuff!

PASS DevOps Virtual Group

I’ve also signed up to be a co-organiser for the PASS DevOps Virtual Group. There’s more than a few of us organising, so hopefully it will take less time than SQL Supper takes as it’s only one speaker and obviously no venue. Let’s see how it goes…