ADF is one otf those Azure tools that seems to be getting updated constantly. And to keep up with the changes I like to watch the videos on Channel 9. And last Friday there was another video which spoke about being able to tag pipelines. It’s talked about in the first few minutes of this video.

Great! But we have pipelines that are executed by other pipelines. Wouldn’t it be even more great if these annotations accepted dynamic content, like most of the rest of ADF does? Within the UI it suggest that it is not the case: typically you can tell whether something accepts dynamic data or not quite easily because an input literally says “add dynamic content”, as shown below.


dynamic content

However, at the very least anyway, you can set the names to be the parameters of the pipeline. This is amazingly handy if you have pipelines executed by other pipelines many times as you can now filter by the annotations, which was something you could not do with the parameters.

will it filter