I’m off to SQLBits this week: going for the full conference. One of the perks when you work for a company that has somewhat of a close relationship with the conference. I’m also doing a talk on Saturday at 8 in the morning. So that means I’ll be quaffing the diet coke on the Friday party and having an early night. It’ll be my first time speaking at Bits as well, although back in 2016 I wrote a lot of the demos on our precon. So first time presenting my own content then.

I’m looking forward to meeting some people I’ve had the pleasure to meet online over the years, and looking forward to visiting Manchester for the first time. Again 2016 was the first time in Liverpool, and I was very fond of my time there: I set out a running route and got to visit Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields (so the Double A Side basically), saw Eric’s and The Cavern - where Echo and the Bunnymen and The Beatles (respectively) played. I also volunteered on the Friday and Saturday, and even nearly ending up in a fight with a random stranger in a Subways at Midnight on Friday cos I “look like Moby” did not spoil the whole experience.

If you’re going to be there I’ll see you there!