Hello! The other day someone was kind enough to get in touch with me to thank me for some post I wrote back last year. For the sake of brevity, there’s all sorts of nastiness in trying to authenticate using Azure Active Directory when connecting to an Azure SQL Instance/Managed Instance. And the function what I wrote aimed to automate uninstalling and installing the “correct” version of the adalsql.dll required. Thing was I admitted it was a hack in the original post, and the worst thing about a hack is that they tend to be a bit….. hacky. And so now that function is broken as it does not install the “correct” version. To compound issues, the url to get the right version doesn’t seem to work! After much shaking of fists, I nabbed the version needed out of the package cache when installing SSMS 18. And I’ve stuck the the msi and the hacky function in a GitHub repo.