No time like the present: I have added two new functions to salt - Install-SaltNuget and Install-SaltSmo. These can be used to download Nuget and SMO respectively. So in your deploy pipeline for salt a script like the one below can be used to deploy a SQL Agent Job. It is worth noting that Install-SaltNuget is executed by Install-SaltSmo, but there is no reason why it could not be used externally.

This blog post pertain specifically to the salt version 2.0.4888.0. And the source code on GitHub.

    [parameter(mandatory = $true)][string] $serverToDeployTo,
    [parameter(mandatory = $true)][string] $ServerJobCategory,
    [parameter(mandatory = $true)][string] $JobManifestXmlFile,
    [parameter(mandatory = $true)][string] $serverName,
    [parameter(mandatory = $true)][string] $DatabaseName,
    [parameter(mandatory = $false)][switch] $DownloadSmoFromNuGet,
    [parameter(Mandatory = $false)] [string] $sqlAdministratorLogin,
    [parameter(Mandatory = $false)] [String] $sqlAdministratorLoginPassword


if ($PSBoundParameters.ContainsKey('sqlAdministratorLogin') -eq $true) {
    Write-Host "Using Login AAD Password to deploy"
    [string] $SqlConnectionString = "Server=$($serverName);Initial Catalog=$($DatabaseName);Persist Security Info=False;User ID=$($sqlAdministratorLogin);Password=$($sqlAdministratorLoginPassword);MultipleActiveResultSets=False;TrustServerCertificate=True;Connection Timeout=30;;Authentication=`"Active Directory Password`""
else {
    Write-Host "Using Integrated Security to deploy"
    [string] $SqlConnectionString = "integrated security=True;data source=$($serverName);initial catalog=$($DatabaseName);TrustServerCertificate=True;Connection Timeout=30;"

$global:serverToDeployTo = $serverToDeployTo
$global:ServerJobCategory = $ServerJobCategory
Import-Module .\salt -Force
if ($PSBoundParameters.ContainsKey('DownloadSmoFromNuGet') -eq $false) {
    $smoDll = "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\140\SDK\Assemblies\Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo.dll"
    If ((Test-Path $smoDll) -eq $false) {
        $smoDll = "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\130\SDK\Assemblies\Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo.dll"
        If ((Test-Path $smoDll) -eq $false) {
            Write-Error "no usable version of smo dll is found on box."
else {
    Write-Host "Downloading smo from NuGet"
    $smoDll = Install-SaltSmo -workingFolder $PSScriptRoot
If ((Test-Path $JobManifestXmlFile) -eq $false) {
    Write-Error "job manifest file not found!"
$SqlConnection = Connect-SqlConnection -ConnectionString $SqlConnectionString
[xml] $_xml = [xml] (Get-Content -Path $JobManifestXmlFile)
$x = Get-Xml -XmlFile $_xml
Set-JobCategory -SqlServer $SqlConnection -root $x
Set-JobOperator -SqlServer $SqlConnection -root $x
$sqlAgentJob = Set-Job -SqlServer $SqlConnection -root $x
Set-JobSchedules -SqlServer $SqlConnection -root $x -job $SqlAgentJob
Set-JobSteps -SqlServer $SqlConnection -root $x -job $SqlAgentJob 
Disconnect-SqlConnection -SqlDisconnect $SqlConnection