Earlier today i started work on deploying a SQL Agent Job, and so it made sense to eat my own dog food and have a go at deploying the SQL Agent job using saLt. It all worked great! Until I realised that there is a bug when deploying T-SQL-based job steps. You see when I wrote saLt it was primarily for SSIS Execution and T-SQL and PowerShell jos step types were thrown in for good measure. Come to find out that I had omitted the database name property when creating a T-SQL Step. So I;ve bumped theverions number up to 2 as adding it as property would be a breaking change.

I booted up the build/deploy agent and got the pipelines running, which run some tests. The files changed can be viewed in the PR.

It was quite good to come back to something I wrote over a year ago, because it gave me the perspective of someone who had not really used it before (my memory can be terrible for some things.) I think I still quite like it for what it does. I think there comes a point with any complicated object that a config file is required to publish it to different environments. Certainly what I’d like to do is include downloading smo that is hosted on NuGet, as when I first wrote this smo was not available.