Hello! And Happy Friday!

Right, so PoshSSDTBuildDeploy got another minor tweak today. I’ve had a couple of requests in the past for Dac Deploy Options to be configured at deploy time. Generally these are loaded from the publish xml file and whatever the defaults are, or if the publish file has been set to something else. And so if you want things different for different environments you need to have separate publish files for different environments. But now by passing in a hash table of DacDeployOptions you can alter it for a different environment. better yet, if you want to make a change it’s a small config change in the deploy pipelines instead of a code change.

I’ve written a couple of Pester tests to ensure it works that are run as part of the build. There is no validation on the values passed in, so be warned to pass in a boolean as $false as opposed to a string of "false".

As ever, I’ve totally forgotten to update the readme. Whoops. Plus the Publish-DatabaseDeployment function is not documented at all, which considering the importance of the function is pretty lousy on my part. But at any rate, the version with this exciting new feature is PoshSSDTBuildDeploy 2.0.519.