Got caught out with a nasty bug yesterday; an Azure DevOps task written by Microsoft that transforms files was failing to update json files, yet it was not reporting an error. This meant that pipelines using this task were failing to update but not failing to deploy. It looked like it had been failing for a few days before we saw it, and the bug was confirmed on GitHub.

My own dislike of having to use tasks notwithstanding, Microsoft have been painfully slow in resolving this. However every cloud has a silver lining, and I discovered a couple of things from this, the main one being that you can pin a task to it’s minor version. So if you are stuck by this you can put in the previous version and everything works as it should.


  • task: [email protected] displayName: ‘File transformation: GlobalParameters.json’ inputs: folderPath: ‘$(Pipeline.Workspace)’ targetFiles: ‘GlobalParameters.json’ fileType: json '’’