Making Use of Demands and Capabilties on VSTS Build Agents

Hello! I have recently been creating a pipeline in VSTS that will check if certain software/PowerShell Modules are installed on the box, and if it isn’t then install it. It’s a sort of a DSC/Chef/Puppet process done via VSTS so that I don’t have to configure the aforementioned software. But I needed a way to target a specific build agent to run this build on; specifying an agent pool is no good as it will deploy on any in that pool. [Read More]

PoshSSDTBuildDeploy Updated - Now With Install .NET!

Hello! I’m currently working on a project that requires building and deploying SSDT-based projects. So it’s been a great opportunity of making use of PoshSSDTBuildDeploy and work through any issues. And there have been a few minor updates to the module over the past fortnight which I’ll go through now! As I type the latest version is 2.196.0. Return Path of MSBuildDataTools - Just so much easier to have location returned so that when you execute Invoke-MSBuildSSDT and Publish-DatabaseDeployment you can just pass the outputted variable in. [Read More]