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One of the things I feel strongly about is that a build/release pipeline needs to be as complete as possible - that is all configuration required to complete the build/deploy process needs to be automated in some way or another. And as we will see from todays post, this tends to create further complexity, and unfortunately sometimes we have to get inventive for a process to work…


Two of my most recent posts have concerned pre-model scripts; those scripts that need to be run before the dacpac is compared against the production database. These are sometimes necessary. And this necessity is usually because SSDT may not produce a script that is optimal. One such example is an index creation: no index is created “ONLINE”, and this can be a problem if the database being deployed is online during this operation. And can be even worse if the table is particularly large.

In respect to the SSDT team, I can see why this is the case: some versions of SQL have the online index feature, some don’t. So one solution may be to write a pre-model script that will create an index with the online operation included. And while there’s nothing wrong with this, there is an alternative: deployment contributors.