PoshSSDTBuildDeploy Updated - Now With Install .NET!

Hello! I’m currently working on a project that requires building and deploying SSDT-based projects. So it’s been a great opportunity of making use of PoshSSDTBuildDeploy and work through any issues. And there have been a few minor updates to the module over the past fortnight which I’ll go through now! As I type the latest version is 2.196.0. Return Path of MSBuildDataTools - Just so much easier to have location returned so that when you execute Invoke-MSBuildSSDT and Publish-DatabaseDeployment you can just pass the outputted variable in. [Read More]

PowerShell Snippet 13 - Skip Logging Into Azure Everytime With This One Simple Trick

Hello! I have been working an awful lot with ARM Templates and publishing resources using PowerShell. As part ofhte process we’re using a Service Endpoint to publish resoruces to Azure. So the login and subscription context are set by the endpoint itself. However, when running the scripts locally, it is necessary to login first. so you have two choices - login before running the script, which isn’t always possible, or include Login-AzureRmAccount in every script, and then obviously forget to remove it prior to checking in and wondering why releases takes forever… [Read More]